Fruit of the Spirit

For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth...Eph 5:9

Summer 2007                                                            Volume 8,  Issue 3

Are you, or is someone
you know, struggling
with the certainty of
God's existence?

             If so, there is great news! The
             Warren-Flew debate, on the ex-
             istence of God, is now available
             to view online. Simply go to:

             Don't miss the debate that has
             turned the tide of atheism for so

Terrific Evangelism Tool

If you have not seen the new evangelism DVD from World Video Bible School (WVBS) called Searching for Truth, then you need to request a copy from WVBS.

World Video Bible School
130 Lantana Lane
Maxwell, TX 78656-4231
Phone: (512) 398-5211

Bringing Souls To Jesusó
Fulfilling Mark 16:15!

Gospel Broadcasting Network
For 24-hour, sound gospel teaching, log on to the internet and go to

Page 1 - Elusive Victory | Page 2 - What Do I Say/Do In Time Of Loss?
Page 3 - Prison Report: Hope | Page 4 - Old Testament Studies: The Tower...
Page 5 - The Awesome Responsibility of... | Page 6 - Cutting Okra and Killing Wasps
Page 7 - Christian Evidences | Page 8 - Why Baptism?
Page 9 - Why Baptism? [Continued] | Page 10 - Continuations
Page 11 - The Weakness of Islam | Page 12 - Advertisements

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