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Free Online Bible Course

Dear Friend:

Have you ever said to yourself, "One of these days I think I'll read the Bible?" Or perhaps you actually sat down a time or two and began to read. You started in Genesis and read until you came to names like Raamah, Dodanim, Togarmah, Riphath, etc., and so you decided Bible reading wasn't for you or that you couldn't understand it. If this has been true of you, you should not feel discouraged; you are not alone.

We are offering two FREE ONLINE BIBLE COURSES which you may study in your own home at your own pace. It is colorful, interesting and easy to read and understand. It has helped many to a more complete understanding of the Bible.

There is no cost or obligation, so, what have you got to lose?

Each lesson is accompanied by a short questionnaire which provides a review of the material covered and the Scripture references. Fill out the review and We will grade each lesson and return it to you, by e-mail, with directions to the next lesson in the series.

You can start by going to one of the two free online bible courses below:

FINDING THE WAY           Lesson 1       (Note: There are a total of six lessons)

BLESSINGS IN CHRIST   Lesson 1       (Note: There are a total of six lessons)


As this course progresses, you will be directed to the next lesson in the series after you have completed the current lesson and submitted your answers for grading. Study at your own pace and we welcome comments or questions from the students.

Once you complete all six lessons in a series, you will receive a certificate of completion and an invitation to continue your studies through other Bible correspondence courses on a variety of Bible subjects, by mail.

Learning the Bible can be an enjoyable experience. Why not give it a try? It is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

If you have any questions or need other assistance, please feel free to  contact us. Our prayers go with you. God bless!